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WHY Intrepid Travel decided to support this blog:

Intrepid Travel is certainly not shy about priding itself on 3 fundamental elements that drive the company – fun, fun, and fun!  Founders of the company; Darrell and Geoff do a great job at maintaining these core values – in 5th gear!

There is a lot to be celebrated about travel and so to help ‘celebrate’ this wonderful wacky wide world, Darrell had another of his whiz-bang ideas – that being for me to put together a travel blog as in a way of sharing everything and anything about travel that can possibly be thought of. 

Whether or not choosing me was a way to keep me otherwise occupied writing on a blog-site as opposed to emailing him – one will never know.  In the meantime enjoy this blog and feel free to contribute with your own take on travel…

Check out Intrepid’s website! 

About Megan (blonde gal in red pictured on the couch) the Blog Writer:


27 years on and I still smile, oh ok laugh, to myself every time I re-read my 10 1/2 year old handwritten and spelling mistake ridden plans (above) for when I grow up!  It could now be said that … they all went horribly wrong, really.  I mean where are those 2 children from such a selection of names? Samantha, Tania, Sara, Richard, John, George, Anthony …?  Though clearly not Bill … by the read of things! Not in my care … that is for sure! Where is that lovely huge double decker house?  Not where I’m currently living … that is for sure! And, hold on … wait a minute … where is that handsome ‘block’ (please tell me I meant bloke) who I’ll marry and who will support me with … with … $1000 p/mnth (hmmm … my pocket money must have been something like 10 cents p/mnth if my financial goal was set that high?  Not in my life … sadly be it the case!  Yes, no surprise there when I finally grew up and didn’t announce I’d become a clairvoyant!  I’d have been broke.  A possible earnings perhaps to the amount suggested I’d grow up to earn though with the slight insight that my plans did seemingly forecast.  The fact that I wrote my plans on a Qantas Captain’s Club piece of paper was a crystal ball of its own kind as 27 years later I still have not stopped travelling …

Horribly wrong then?  Definitely not.  Different oh yes! 

My worldy travels have been vast and varied.  From learning fast and furious strategies to boycott eating a traditional breakfast as an exchange student in Japan, shopping exploits “Ab Fab” style  in Harvey Nichols and Harrods as a nanny in Mayfair/London, charming an Interstate Wisconsin Policeman with my broad Australian accent out of a speeding fine, bestowed as Masai Meg on a journey across Africa to many many more comical events and errors all over the world.  I’m proud to say that after my first whiff of petroleum jet fuel en-route to Singapore at just 7 years old, I’m addicted with many more travels ahead of me!  Until I meet that bloke (a handsome ‘block’ I’m coming to think possibly easier …) it’s up the runway and not the carpetway leading to the alter!

I’m currently working for Intrepid Travel.  My just toppled over 7 years with Intrepid have seen me working as a tour leader all over Asia for 3 years, selling the adventure product back at head office (Melbourne) for almost 4 years, sales repping in North America for 5 months to now the exciting and challenging full time position of being a travel blog writer back at H.O Melbourne thanks to the CEO!  Yes seriously … “I’m a blog writer, and you?”.  At 10 1/2 I would have had no idea what on earth a blog was so hardly surprising that such a job was left out of the plans! 

 My blog is not intended to be all about Intrepid Travel for it’s to be about travel in general and everything weird, wacky and wonderfully possibly related to it!


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  1. Where was the Bruce on that list of potentials.

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