The Big Brown Couch needs YOU!

Help The Big Brown Couch celebrate the wonderful (and wacky) world of travel by contributing to this blog.  Ways you can help are … 

*Send in a picture of you on a Big Brown Couch from as many places possible from all over the world along with a caption and a story about you on your Big Brown Couch!

Email these to:


*FameThe Big Brown Couch is looking to have seated on it well known people!  If you know (or are) someone who is well know and would like to be interviewed about travel related topics then please contact The Big Brown Couch.  Particularly seeking travel writers, travel presenters …

Email ideas to:


*Send into The Big Brown Couch a postcard (or 2!) when you are on the road travelling.  Tell The Big Brown Couch anything … eg: about the weird meal you had last night, the hairy ride in a local bus ride, the unusual items you have bought, the laughs you have had with the locals …

Post these to:

The Big Brown Couch

11 Spring Street

Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia 3065


*Send into The Big Brown Couch pictures of ‘weird and wonderful’ sightings from all over the world!  Examples … funny signs … scenes … anything amusing!

Email these to:


*IF you (or someone you know) are currently living away from your native homeland then please candidly answer the below questions and attach a picture of yourself that best captures you in your new home environment.



Native homeland:

If you were to place a pin on the world map you would now find me:

I decided to head here because:

I’ve been away to date for:

My current surroundings can be described as:

The Big Brown Couch in my life is:

My life away from home sees me working:

When I am not working I’m:

Missed about home is:

Loved about my new environment is:

I am known to the locals as:

Favourite local hideouts include:

Choice cuisine when I am eating locally:

Differences between here and home range from:

I’d tell my friends & family to pack up their bags and come on over to experience:

Next stop is:

If I could tell The Big Brown Couch just one final thing it would be:

Email these to:


*12 Questions:  The Big Brown Couch is seeking interviews from as many interesting people from all over the world as possible!  The Big Brown Couch is interested to learn how different people from different cultures answer the same … 12 Questions!  If you know someone who you think fits this description then please ask them to answer these 12 Questions …

1: My name is:

2: I am currently living in:

3: I am:

4: My happiest moment was:

5: Friends say I am:

6: If only I could:

7: I wish I had:

8: At home I cook:

9: My favourite place is:

10: If I wasn’t me I’d like to be:

11: I start each day:

12: The last big laugh I had was:

Email these to:

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  1. To Megan- the Brown blog queen!

    This website is a fabulous celebration of life,
    Oh, to be the ‘big brown couches’ WIFE…
    A symbolic object of desire and travel,
    Stories,tears & amp; laughter on that couch unravel…
    Megan, you have a special way,
    From that BBC you have so much to say…
    You project finesse and hold our globes key,
    With you, I would sail across any rough sea…
    Always be honest & amp; true in how WACK you are,
    You my energetic friend will always go far…
    Take that couch to more ‘Out there’ places,
    Go see and meet more interesting faces…
    I cant wait to hear more inspiring tales and woes,
    The next destinaition…nobody knows …?
    x Lu

  2. Hi Megan, just finished 4 weeks riding hired Harleys thru US@ Canada. I,m 57 so had some really wild times on stopping anywhere, specially in the states, those guys r crazy. Won a bull riding contest in Montana against all the young bulls, really pissed them off. Sat on lotsa BBC’s in small pubs wiyh sum grt characters, real wild west. Just found your blog so thort i,d put my 2 bobs worth in. LOL. JR.

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