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Couches … Welcome to the name of this blog about travel, and everything possible about it: – The Big Brown Couch! Or simply The B.B.C! Symbolic of my past travels, and of travel in general a couch, as did The B.B.C for me, will come to manifest its way into every traveler’s world at some point in time. The B.B.C blog aims to capture the raw essence and grandeur of travel and to purely celebrate the nature of it – Moet Champagne thanks!  And you?  Due to a lapse in The B.B.C after it’s acclaim to fame from travels in steaming hot Hong Kong in mid 2002, The B.B.C is about to be revived in this blog.  Standards are high.  Expectations are set to be met.  Indeed an interesting journey ahead for The B.B.C as it takes on the task of absorbing more travel plans and tales from afar, untold travel stories, quirky and weird instances from around the globe, interviews from the unknown, worldly wisdom from high sought after profiles who dare sit in it’s hot seat, at the same rapid rate of enduring more coffee, wine, fried wontons and lemongrass and chili prawns stains and the like as a consequence!

Couches … The history of The B.B.C.  Housed within the sublimely air conditioned Harbor City Shopping Mall, in the café to the far right of the second level, was, and quite possibly still is The B.B.C!  At first a shelter and instant relief from the incredibly hot and humid streets of Hong Kong, in time The B.B.C became far more for myself, and fellow Intrepid tour leader at the time Simon.  It became a milestone between us.  A respite landmark during time off together in Hong Kong after long days traveling on trains across China, slurping noodles in backstreet hole in the wall outfits, eating unidentified creatures off skewers at Yangtze River stalls, and the like.  The B.B.C came to hear it all really.  Not much slipped past The B.B.C over a sips of a short black, long black, café latte, flat white, cappuccino, cafe macchiato, cafe au lait, Americano, skimmed, full fat, single, double, triple shot espresso, and an occasional brew of the day.  Yes, a smidgen of the western life in the interim!  Shared stories of the accidental bargaining of the dog on the Great Wall of China at a concluded steal price of 100yuan to the proposition of marrying a local girl!  Locals were wrestled in peak hour human traffic for prime positions on The B.B.C that eventually became our molded bum marks on the soft cushions within the soft brown velvet covering. Beyond the inaugural sip of the first coffee together, visits to The B.B.C were as frequent as possible, accumulating until eventually a non descript invisible ‘reserved’ sign became apparent, and wrestling ceased . Locals knew their place, as did we.  Ah huh, our very own regular laughed on, coffee spilt on, travel stories shared on … big brown couch.  The B.B.C certainly had its special place in our well traveled leading lives at the time, if only in the interim of all of our travels, the spirit of the BBC certainly seemed to still carry on. 

To encapsulate the very essence of The B.B.C, I’d like to share from an old email written by Simon, from one of many stashed away in filed travel memorabilia from my kept emails …

From: Simon
To: Megan Hassett
Subject: The Big, Brown, Lonely Couch.
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 22:40:22 +1000 (EST) 

If I could express the sadness I was feeling at precisely 923am this morning I would but words are not the answer. I took Suba to the sacred place the day before and it was full so definately not to be. I returned today, alone.  I wondered in to the shop and the girls behind the counter looked over there shoulder to check the availability of the brown stuff. It was vacant and so I sat alone and miserable. I can’t cope.  Just one coffee with you on the couch and the world will suddenly feel like a peeled mango. But in the mean time I need to return there.  Although I sit alone and sad, the memories make me feel like I did when Dad would get Fish and Chips on Friday night. An inner glow, vegemite toast, a new pair of runners … it is forever a part of me. Is there anything you would like me to tell the couch for you?. I have three and a half days.

Miss you sweety. Si xoxoxo   
Couches … The 3-seater, subtle toned purple couch.  The 3-cushion beige couch.  The ugly worn and torn couch.  The tattered and stained house couch sheltering underneath the Peruvian throw over. The chique designer imported from Italy couch.  The classic Ikea couch.  The cat who thinks it’s a bed couch …
Couches … We all have some kind of affiliation towards at least one B.B.C in our lives … Whether it be that faded blue one dossed on for the past five months on the other side of the world.  That hardened one slumped in one in the departures lounge waiting for the delayed flight. That one affording unparalleled views of the Mekong River.  Or, just that one perched in front of the TV in the very living room of home.
Couches … Laughed on, cried on, red wine stains on, coffee split on, jumped on, stories shared on, slept on, eaten on, traveled on, cat’s hairs on, lost on …
Couches … The B.B.C welcomes guests from all over the world, 24hrs a day for that Ethiopian house blend to a Riverina red, in sharing your travels on it.  Don’t be afraid to spill a thing … The B.B.C is comfortable about pretty much everything …

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  1. “Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.”….and here it is…. The B.B.C gets its rightful place in print. That peeled mango of poetic freedom, the place where secrets are sold, a locus of laughter and as comfortable as that new set of runners will ever be.

    Good Luck!, Bonne chance!, Buena suerte!- Bring that Big Brown Couch to life with your words and wisdom because in this day of modernity we often forget those objects that continue to offer us the simplest comforts which we’ll yearn til the day we are put on the street for hard rubbish collection.

    Rejoice Ohh Brown One!

    When Muhammed wrote:
    “The ink of the scholar is more sacred than the blood of the martyr”

    ….I am sure he was on a B.B.C

  2. Hello sweeties,

    Just wanted to wish you a very happy Big Brown Couch. May the ramblings of the free fill these pages and warm the cockles of eachothers cockles. May we leave nothing but bum prints on ramdom couches where ever we may roam.
    Mandy x

  3. Couches are for dreaming on…about life,about love, about travels done and those yet to come…
    You have dreamed of taking this trip for a long time…and now we can live your travels too…hey what dream couch have you slept on…I think I know!!

  4. I have fond memories of a luxurious black leather couch at the HSBC bank in Shanghai. Each visit I would take a moment to relax and allow the soft leather to ease away the aches of my tired body. One visit I paused just a little longer than normal (and rested my eyes for a moment….only a moment!) and I must have broken an unwritten rule about just how long to linger because on my next visit the couch was…………gone!

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