Posted by: Megan | September 4, 2007

Mao’s Big Brown Couch

In creating this blog, my theory was that a big brown couch (whether or not
it actually be brown) would come to manifest its way into every traveler’s
world at some point in time – allowing the raw essence and grandeur of
travel (and life in general) to be celebrated on it!

My biggest find this time round in China was not a steal purchase at the
Silk Markets but probably the best actual Big Brown Bouch I will come to
spot in my travels – Mao’s very own one! The other day I finally met up
with my good friend Bruce – it had been a good two years since I we last
met, skyping one another in the interim! Bruce, and I use to be tour
leaders together here in China – back in 2000! He now lives in Hong Kong,
and made the effort to come to Beijing to catch up with me – amongst many
others! Bruce had lined up a photo shoot at The Red Capitol Club for his
own business (photos with an edge) – so I could not resist tagging along
with him as the ‘assistant’ photographer – introducing myself as a writer at
the same time! It seeemed the perfect way to spend a late afternoon in
Beijing – discovering more of the city’s hidden gems! And, what a find this
place was indeed!

Mao’s Big Brown CouchWithin the meticulously restored courtyard compound of the Red Capital Club
it’s still the 1950s. Chairman Mao is not only alive and well but has just
left the building – at least this is how it is is designed to feel like!

The likes of Mao and his inner circle of friends use to settle into leather
chairs (big brown ones)!They would enjoy Cuban cigars, a bottle of the
club’s own Red Capital Chairman’s Reserve cabernet sauvignon (“For China’s
Most Honorable Guests”), and a hearty dose of Brahm’s playful “Maostalgia.”

When you sit in the bar yourself, you have this sense of history from the
old days!

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