Posted by: Megan | September 4, 2007

Hutong Magic

I am flabbergasted by Beijing and how it has changed. About 5 years ago here
my friends were all tour leaders and we were eating out every night , ending
in the clubs of Sanlitun nan jie ( which incidently has been completely
raised to the ground). Many of my friends are still in Beijing or around
the region, but things have changed. Life has moved from the clubs and bars
into the backlanes known in Beijing as Hutongs, where life dances along to
a very different beat. They are running cooking schools, art workshops and
hosting photographic exhibitions. let me give you the lowdown of the
weekend I just had…

It was far from any ‘typica’l Saturday afternoon I have had of late – an
invitation to the opening of Mark and Stacey’s Hutong happenings, known as
Hutong Magic! I was thankful for the “hutong” signs that were plastered on
every corner that wrapped around the old streets of Beijing to lead me to my
destination – for no taxi could have gone where I went!

I entered the hutong, sleek with white walls but rustic as well with hints
of old Beijing in the traditional brickwork and red painted woodwork. And
there on the walls were a series of larger than life street food scenes ,
where my photographer friend Bruce ( also the joggler from post #456) is
exhibiting selected shots from a food book he is writing. I wanted to
support his artistic journey and bought three pieces which will look
fantastic in my Melbourne kitchen. I will shortly send my three favourite
shots for you to view …

In the meantime you yourself can see more of Bruce’s art pieces at

From Bruce’s photo exhibition ( I am now further inspired – I want to
upgrade my camera but Bruce assures me his talent is within the ‘eye’ ;)) to
traditional tea ceremony demonstrations to Reiki demonstrations to cooking
classes it was all happening within a hutong of a kind. A BBQ and drinks
ended the evening on the rooftop of the hutong – higher than their
neighbouring rooftops, allowing for amazing views that spanned across new
and old Beijing.

In one word – I’m impressed

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  1. In One word. Thanks you for saying such nice things about my exhibition and supporting my work with your blog. I loved being able to hang out with a professional blogger. how many people can say that?
    It was great to see you in Beijing.

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