Posted by: Megan | August 30, 2007

One World One Dream …

that is the huge sign that can be seen all over Beijing – in reference to
the up and coming 2008 Olympics. My group and I waited ages tonight for 3
taxis, only to end up with 3 drivers who struggled to find our Duck
restaurant (for last night dinner) – with mind you business cards displaying
the address and map of the particular restaurant in Chinese! I think it was
my animated actions of a duck followed by actions of eating the duck that
finally pushed our driver first over the finishing line – to 235 Dongzhimen
Street. And then at that very point I wondered what the ‘one dream’
actually was. Was it for taxi drivers to brush up on their navigation
skills of Beijing – or will Olympians, come this time next year, have to
action out their sport in the back seat of a taxi for their driver to take
them to their destination? I can just picture it now – breastroke to
shot-put to diving actions madly going on inside red Beijing taxis all over
the city as the meters tick over, the drivers look further disgruntled and
their chaing smoking continues, and “wo bu dong” (I don’t understand) is
said so many times by these drivers that each and every Olympian takes away
at least one fluent phrase – if not a gold medal! It’s a mess out there.
Congested traffic, Olympic sites that don’t even look near complete, and
just enough English spoken to understand the basics – with anything beyond
that just being too hard – so expect to hear “sorry, bye”! But that said,
of a country that could easily take on the persona of one big ashtray it is
a rather hilarious experience travelling here!

So it has been a long few days – arriving into Beijing – trekking the Great
Wall for two days in the heat – the final night dinner tonight and now …
it is near midnight and this here leader come blogger is about to fall
asleep on the keyboard. Plenty more to write about when fresh with coffee
in the next few days ….

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