Posted by: Megan | August 16, 2007

The Perfect Cup …

… ah and at this precise moment – it is just that!  Sorry, I am talking about my latte I am consuming at The Perfect Cup (see – coffee plunger not needed – not yet, anyhow…).  I am in transit at the moment at Singapore Airport, and of all airports in the world to be in transit – this one is not bad – good coffee and free internet (head office accounts getting off lightly – so far …)! 

I’m feeling shattered to tell the truth, and where is the taxi driver who took me to Melbourne airport last night to explain?  You see, when I told him of what I did, which went along the lines of travel writer come tour leader he commented along the lines of; “Your job is a glamour job”!  Said from a man who has never left Melbourne because he tells me he suffers from claustrophobia (I’d hate to think what would happen if he picked up a full load in his cab …) and so him and planes do not mix – I can see why he might think so!

I DO have a great job (for sure for sure) but I wanted to tell Mr Taxi driver that it aint all glamour at times – you know – put some perspective into overseas travel!  First of all, let me start with the immediate – I can’t tell you how far from ‘glamorous’ I look and feel right now after flying the first 7hr leg from Melbourne to Singapore … and that was a short one!  The blonde curls have just gone flat into a mat – simple as that!

Let’s step back in time a little though … last night I experienced the worst check in wait time EVER … even worse than in the United States – and that is saying something!  In front of me were 60 Caulfied Grammar Students with their teachers – bound for the same destination as me!  In front of them were equal numbers of random travellers!  2hrs … yes 2hrs I waited in line … hideous … I debated after finally checking in if I should have coffee or wine as a ‘reward’ – I had both!  So, it was at that moment when I realised again (and I have realised this before) that going somewhere exotic and exciting comes with a price – not always but certainly sometimes!

Now then, I am only meant to be on this free internet for 15 minutes.  I guess I could stay a little longer if I bought another coffee but I don’t think I need to be that wired at the moment!  Besides, I need to head to gate F37 real soon … I need to get to Shanghai – where it all begins …

Chat soon …

Megan 😉

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  1. Welcome back Megan.
    I am very happy that you are back in Asia

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