Posted by: Megan | August 15, 2007

Yes, it is true – the coffee plunger stays at home …

You see, it is all a part of my radical new approach to packing lightly! Look, I have to be honest here – it won’t be an easy thing to do – you know – leaving the beloved coffee plunger and ground coffee behind in the cupboard. But … it just has to be done – right? Yes, it does. Ah, those overnight train journeys in China will not be the same though. At the end of every carriage is a hot water boiler. The Chinese mainly use it to add water to their instant noodles but no – not I. I still have fond memories of walking my plunger to the end – for a freshly brewed coffee! The bewildered looks that I would receive in the process – as I began to press the plunger down and the smell of coffee began to permeate throughout the train – for that reason alone it is almost worth packing it but no, no, no – sachet coffee will have to suffice this time. I know, I know, I know – seriously …

I’m leaving tomorrow – bound for Shanghai, and I think my little blue backpack knows it is coming along for the two-month journey throughout China, the USA and then Morocco. It sits in my living room and waits anxiously in anticipation of being packed. Surely that is enough for it to know? One would think so – especially as the big green backpack remains under my bed and the wheels of the big brown suitcase have not moved an inch of late. Oh no – god forbid … did I just admit to owning a case with wheels? But, even if my little blue backpack knows it is the chosen one for the journey, does it know it is about to undergo a strict diet regime? I am soon about to sit down and explain why it can’t take 95% of my wardrobe this time.

I hate packing. I honestly hate it, which is odd considering that packing generally equates to going somewhere exciting! My last big trip saw me pack so bloody much that when travelling in the States I felt compelled to try and explain to passing travellers that there were no native animals to Australia bulging out of my suitcase! Because it was a business trip the big brown suitcase came for the ride along with two huge Intrepid Travel banners used for trade shows. Half of what was in the case could have stayed at home though. Mind you, the offers I received for assistance from sharp business-men at Amtrak Train Stations were a bonus! Surely such offers would not have come as a result of packing lightly!

“So little blue backpack, you are the one I am choosing to take with me on my 2 month journey. You got it – big green backpack and big brown suitcase stay at home! Are you excited? Thing is, I won’t be feeding you as well this time. Even the muesli bars stay behind, as I am sure there will be some in China. Why? Because little one … you and me … we have to really enjoy this trip … we want to fit onto the overhead luggage racks on the overnight trains in China with ease and show off to those with a laden load! We want to keep up with the pace of the trip and not be weighed down with any extra stuff – you know we don’t need and if we do … guess what … we can buy it at a fraction of the cost in China! So little blue backpack, what do you think? Coming?”

I thought my spiel would go along those lines. Anyhow, enough of this writing. I have my packing to do. “So little blue backpack …”

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  1. Megan…Have a great trip in China. Glad to hear you are packing light but sorry I will not be there to supply you with essentials if your luggage turns up “lost.”

  2. Well the thing is Michele that I learnt after our Costa Rica trip that I can get by on just one pair of shorts – even if they weren’t mine ;)!!!

  3. that’s my goal: to pack light, very light, and travel far, very far…
    keep us posted!

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