Posted by: Megan | August 14, 2007

Update on Variety Bash – report from the road!

If you are in the Outback of Australia you may see several heavily stickered cars splattered with dust and mud, negotiating the last stretch of the stupendous Sydney to Darwin Variety Bash – a race that is all about going to extremes to help raise money for children’s hospitals across the nation.  It really is an “I’ve been every where” race  for the towns this race has passed through.


If you have been following this race in the televised media, look closely at the Yellow Winged Holden. There is … I am proud to say an Intrepid Travel logo atop the roof with our extremely appropriate motto: Real Life Experiences. It is up there on the flashing police car – style light gathering not just a little attention reports Tommy, one of the drivers of the bash car. “A helicopter piloted by an ex Vietnam Vet swoops down buzzing us… just meters away from our windscreen, for close ups. It’s like a Hollywood car chase but this is real life” says this Sydney born stair maker in a telephone interview from Long Reach. “Its exhausting and the roads are savage. I wouldn’t drive a four wheel drive above 60 km, but we are all pushing speeds of 100, 120 and these 2WD cars are rolling, snapping axels and breaking down on a daily basis. This is our one day off, and guesses what; we are fixing the car again.”

The cars are now on the last leg to Darwin, the place where all good Australians on the run, flee to. Our very own end of the earth!  Who will win? More to the point; will they all make it? I have a crazy vision in my head. A new tribe out there in the dessert, Sydney urbanites lost in cars, gone feral, chasing each other across the dessert. Wait … that’s Mad Max … and we are sponsoring it… for the children. I am so proud …






Above: Tommy’s car!

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