Posted by: Megan | August 8, 2007

A Hong Kong Joggle!

Let me set the scene. Picture this – a running track in downtown Taihang just out the back of Causeway Bay on Hong Kong Island! There are fan dancers, Tai Chi Squads, Film Executives doing their laps of the rubber track. Then, there is this tall Australian man jogging – and wait – juggling all at the same time! That’s right the feet are flying, arms are waving, and balls are dancing circles in the beat that links the whole ensemble!

And it’s not just in Hong Kong!

Let me introduce Bruce Foreman (former full time Intrepid Tour Leader) and interject here with the address of his blog;

“Joggling”, as Bruce calls it, “is a real phenomenon”! Bruce takes joggling seriously in his ex-pat home away from home in Hong Kong – amid his own creative writings and work on his tour company The Funky Golden Dragon


Above: Bruce juggling in Alhambra in Granada – image courtesy of his blog!

For an amusing light-hearted and interesting read log in for more of an insight to his joggles!

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