Posted by: Megan | August 6, 2007

Intrepid Travel meets Ian Wright!

 Ian Wright in the Intrepd Travel Store London

Hot on The Big Brown Couch: Ian Wright makes himself at home during a visit to the Intrepid Travel Retail store – London!


In my eyes, Ian quickly established himself as a certainty to watch on T.V time and time again after he first captured my attention as a rather charismatic travel show host – on the Pilot Guide’s Globe Trekker series about Mongolia.  Finding his witty banter and amusing interactions with the locals engaging, undoubtedly Ian certainly made for an interesting take on travel shows compared to many others!


When I found out that some of my off-shore colleagues in the Intrepid Travel Retail store – London – were going to meet Ian as a part of one of their in-store events, in a nutshell – I was jealous! July 17th came and went and during it I missed out on hearing from Ian in person about his tales from the road less travelled and viewing his screen showing of Globe Trekker Cambodia.



Ian Wright in the Intrepid Travel Retail Store London


Above: Ian Wright chatting to the public in-store on July 17th!


The least I could then possibly ask for, in compensation of not meeting him myself, was for a photo (or two or three or …) of him to be taken on the store’s Big Brown Couch – one of the many worldly couches that absorb the richness of travel!  And, doesn’t Ian just look rather comfortable on it!


Ian Wright on The Big Brown Couch in the Intrepid Travel Retail store in London


Above: Pose # 2 – Ian Wright on The Big Brown Couch!


For more information on Ian, just in case like me your paths happen to cross with him in person, then take an interesting (and funny) read about the very Englishman that backs up the fact that the British have a wonderful sense of humor!


*Images taken by Simon Graham!

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