Posted by: Megan | August 2, 2007

All in the name of fame …

In one of my recent posts – simply named Fame – I mentioned that it was a dream of mine to achieve fame and fortune as a travel writer!  Not long after the MX article was hot off the press I received an email from one of my ex passengers from my China leading days.  Could this email be the start of what more is to come?

“I was settling into my luxurious blue upholstered Sydney Transit Authority train seat the other day (OK so its not luxurious – the trains in Sydney are awful and I would rather be sitting on the little benches they have in the trains in China but that is another story and I’m just trying to set the mood)… with my indispensable copy of MX… I flick through a few pages to wet my appetite for the tasty little morsels it brings me each afternoon and I find myself doing a double take… There on the pages of my MX is a smiling blonde that looked vaguely familiar… “I know that person!”, my brain goes into gear… HA! Its Megan!

You’re practically a celebrity these days sweetie!”

MX Article about The Big Brown Couch

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  1. Now that you are “famous”…”rich” should be right around the corner!!!?

  2. Yes, one would hope that rich followed fame … Maybe when I am back to LA the blog will shine under the lights of Hollywood?

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