Posted by: Megan | August 1, 2007

BIG trouble on The Big Brown Couch …

The orange Skype tab flashed on my PC the other day.  Ooo … it was a ‘message’ from Karl (Intrepid Travel – London store Manager) … He had a Big Brown Couch story for me …

“So, after my last blog post, talking about the most prominent Big Brown Couch in my life, I mentioned going in search of a new Big Brown Couch to see what the experience would bring …

Well, a couple of days ago, a balmy evening saw me head to a local pub with a friend of mine to make the most of these intermittent clear nights in the UK at present.  As the organic cider went down, the sun followed and the temperature after that so we headed indoors to find the comfort of a Big Brown Couch awaiting us.

A good feed of lamb chops saw me sink back into the Big Brown Couch with a full belly and contented smile on my face, I could have fallen asleep there and then (more commonly known as a food coma), safe in the knowledge that I would be kicked out come closing time.

As my friend and I sat and contemplated which organic cider to go for next, a 6 foot black African decided to take a seat opposite us and suspiciously pulled a carrier bag from within his jacket.  At first I thought it was the usual DVD salesman that you so often encounter in the pubs of London.  But no, this dude wanted to sell us a bag of weed.  We declined and he moved in closer to the table to try and convince us…..or so I thought.

Five minutes after he left something inside me clicked and I realised the moving in closer was a clever manoeuvre to sweep my wallet and mobile phone off the table into his thieving hands!

Not the best of Big Brown Couch experiences as but I can highly recommend the food and organic cider at The Alwyne!”

By Karl Thurlow.

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