Posted by: Megan | July 23, 2007

“When I was skiing in …”

When I was skiing in the Austrian Alps …”
When I was Heli Skiing in Whistler …”
When I was skiing in the Jungfrau Region in the Bernese Oberland/Switzerland …”
When I was skiing in Romania …”
When I was skiing in Zakopane/Poland …”
When I was night skiing in Vancouver …”
When I was skiing in the 1998 Winter Olympic Games in Nagano ..

They are just some of the ‘conversation starters’ overheard all day long by fellow skiers – whilst taking a break on the chairlift back to the top before they try another ‘ski- manoeuvre’ … perhaps the same as the one they tried in Austria or in Vancouver or that in Nagano or in Whistler or in … ?

My take on “When I was skiing in …”

Skiing – it is ‘quite’ the ‘sport’ for those who take to the snow fields as a means to a; ‘fashion field’, ‘name dropping field’ or … an actual ‘winter wonderland field’ – for skiing itself!

I have just come back from 3 days skiing at Mt Buller/Victoria/Australia – staying in a fabulous friendly operated lodge!

When I was skiing at Mt Buller … I simply had a ball with the company of three great friends” …

Jo: – fashioned in her Dr Seuss-look-a-like hat – a sure asset to be sighted in all weather conditions.
Kerrie: – colourfully adorned like an Indian Goddess – sounding like a carillon playing as she hugged the moguls at rapid pace.
Barney: – sporting around his neck a yellow Wallabies scarf with an embroidered kangaroo on it – clearing a pathway in his furor on the powder puff slopes free of any New Zealand rugby rivals.

Meanwhile, I was to be seen in a must for the slopes pink headgear in breathable fabric allowing for the sun to naturally add more blonde highlights to my hair – sun enhanced at every angle as I attempted to parallel ski with style!

Clearly, we were amongst the ‘non- pretentious skier set’. In fact, conversation went more along the lines of “When I was squatting behind a holy cow on the banks of the Ganges due to suffering from the sh**ts …” to surprisingly a string of Chinese sentences strung so poorly together that if judged would score an ‘impressive factor’ of 1 on the scale of 1-10 (1 being the lowest)! In fact … some of our conversation … well … yes … some of it … if it did not hurl one of us off the chairlift after a domino affect from laughter at its content then – it came close! And, I’m sorry but it was a given that on day 3 Barney was never going to pick up in his scarf so it seemed only fair that I bum him off the chairlift on take off to see him thrown into the arms of the chairlift staff – cute blonde (highlights not as sun-kissed as mine – mind you!) and man with shovel -his pick thereafter! Yes, while we were novice skiers (I speak for myself), and did not sport any chic Après -Alpine Ski wear with matching Tecnica Après Ski Boots we did – have a bloody good time!

While skiing does not come cheap it does not have to be such an expensive hobby to the extent that you are demanding a plaque with your name on one of the chairlifts – for you feel you have as good as paid for one! Leaving Melbourne we all kitted up our backpacks with enough items to see ourselves through the 3 days – from homemade lasagne, two-minute noodles, the essential jar of Vegemite, the coffee plunger (and coffee), muesli bars, dried fruit and nuts, etc to a few bottles of Australian red – all  devoured in our excellent lodge with pristine clean cooking facilities – perfect for our ‘non chalet personas’!  Moet champagne on the French Alps was easily on hold!


Jo, Me (Megan) and Kerrie outside our lodge.


Barney (left yellow scarf behind), Me (Megan) and Jo (where IS that hat?)


Kerrie skiing the moguls!

When I was skiing at Mt Buller … I did enjoy my spa …”

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  1. Noticed how you managed to avoid any mention of the plaque that you left on the Bull Run chairlift Megan. The image of your face planted into the ice – highlights and all – under the chair rather than in it will live with me for a long time… The horrified look on the lift attendants faces will remain indelibly imprinted as well!

    And the fact that you shoving me off the chairlift was purely designed to provide you with a pickup line for the man with shovel seems to have been completely missed…

    At least it was more original than Kerries attempt on a chairlift to a bloke “Has anyone told you you look like Patrick Swayze?” Now there was a priceless look on someones face. Particularly as for the remainder of the chairlift ride Kerrie continually dug herself deeper trying to convince him that was a good thing… I’ve never seen anyone more relieved to get off the chair and ski away…

  2. Now there is way too much confabulation happening here!!!! let the real story unfold……

    truth 1- it was a truly awesome weekend and i have never laughed my head off so much. Megs blog master is a total crack up in the flesh, all the way from those sunbleached blond tips to her ski clad toes.

    truth 2- the image of barney staddling the poor shovel man would have disapated any thoughts a gal could have had to pick up, way too much giggling. besides i thought we were there to ski out butts off….. mind you, certain boys may have been very excited by this rampant exhibitionism.

    truth 3- if one does stoop pickup lines, one uses much more sophisticated and obtuse ancedotes, rather than comparisons to 80s hollywood has-beens (sorry mr swayze). and reluctantly i am forced to admit perhaps i could have used that man’s shovel after all…………

    truth 4- only jo escaped any chair lift carnage, which just goes to show, those unpretensious folk who havent skiied vancouver, austria, or even hotham, rock

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