Posted by: Megan | July 23, 2007

Generation Y

Mum: “Who are you tele-texting?”

Megan: “(sigh) I’m texting …”

Mum (at a shopping mall): “Where is your mother?”

Cole (her grandson/my nephew): “Why- don’t you have a mobile phone?”

Clearly, my mother is not amongst those belonging to the Generation Y era – unlike myself!

Airports are proof of evidence to Generation Y – particularly in the departure lounge waiting for the flight!  Sending last minute text messages and emails, taking digital photos of the experience, and listening to an IPOD –  before boarding.  An actual conversation and read of a book seems old-hat in comparison!

Take a look at this photo at an airport that demonstrates a classic Generation Y scene.  When viewing it, move your mouse over the image!

Always On: Meet Gen Y

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  1. You know what, this exemplifys what we talk about day in day out regarding Generation Y being the connected generation. I consult in marketing to and communicating with Generation Yers and our research is showing us that the average Yer can handle 5.4 sources of media up from 3.2 sources as demonstrated by boomers. Thus, we need to constantly consider new ways on being able to communicate more effectivly with this cohort, and break through the many ‘distractions’ that technology is giving us!

    Adam Penberthy

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