Posted by: Megan | July 18, 2007


Where is Megan?”
She’s in … Melbourne

Where is Megan?”
She’s in … Zanzibar!

Not sure about you, but I know which answer sounds more alluring! It wasn’t the only reason I went to Zanzibar – but – it was a good enough reason alone! Oh, and by the way if you stretch out the name it sounds even more exotic; – “Zan-ziiiii-bar“! Or how about this; – “Zarn-zi-barrrrrrrrrr“? And, hey – should you have trouble with any of this pronunciation well … then … just call it “paradise“!

After climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, sighting the ‘Big 5’ on safari and then proclaiming to my travelling companions (as a means to compensate for my shaggy blonde looks); “Before I came to Africa, I was a model. I’m now told I am windswept and interesting” – 2 weeks on Zanzibar Island was bliss!

Long beach walks (and long beach walks), swims (and swims), cocktails (and cocktailssssssss), sunsets (and sunsets) and seafood (and seafood) – need I say more?


Above: Sunsets at Nungwi Beach and Stone Town/Zanizbar.


Above: Local women fishing on Paje Beach/Zanzibar.


Above: Muslim community in Stone Town/Zanzibar.


Above: Local fish at Nungwi Beach and Stone Town Market/Zanzibar.


Above: Local delicacies at Stone Town Night Market and on the streets/Zanzibar.

*Images taken by Me – Megan!

Zanzibar Beach Break

Zanzibar Tourism Website

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  1. These are award winning photos Ms Hassett. You can blog and you can photograph!
    I have a vision of you bounding out the front door of a Carlton terrace lelaping over the white picket fence, camerras , laptop and art folders slung carelessly, yet stylishly over a shoulder as you race towards your first latte in the morning with a thousand story ideas just waiting to be blogged from your busy and bustling workplace in Intrepids buzzing Warehouse office. Is this dream life that i am picturing a reality?

  2. Great Photos Megs
    This has always been my dream place to visit but as per usual I know Sue will get there first!
    Enjoying the BBC immensely, keep up the good work!!

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