Posted by: Megan | July 17, 2007

“Oh my god … it’s … Dr Phil!”



When friend Dyan – Australian currently living in LA – refers to her every single day as ‘just another day in Disneyland’ I came to see light in her reasoning when I spent time there myself! Indeed time spent in the USA – let alone Los Angeles – was a local amusement park in itself!

Consequently more visitors to Los Angeles will visit the actual premises of Disneyland than the Dr Phil show itself; however, if you want to gain a real feel of stereotypical America then I would most certainly suggest giving Mickey Mouse the flick for Dr Phil!

‘Connections connections’ – they are the real hotbed for making it in Hollywood and … to the Dr Phil show! My good friend Michele’s equally trusty friend Sharon works on the sound-set for the show zipped us in as V.I.Ps at 860N Paramount Studios. Front row seats – Dr Phil’s mud clad with foundation face so visible that his forehead lines were even more defined behind the make-up!

Never having watched a single trace of footage of the Dr Phil show before, I guess that a live show was a good enough way to start (or end?) what he was all about! Trust me, I was not disappointed by my all time stereotypical American experience – I mean there were true evident displays of genuine thrill (screaming, dancing, near fainting …) at seeing Dr Phil in most that surrounded me! Oh my god – seriously … Dr Phil has miraculously galvanized millions of viewers with his topics from ‘dating a commitment phobe’ to ‘gone to extremes for love’! Extremes? For close to 3 hours – I was a part of it!

Leaving the studio set behind with a souvenir Dr Phil mug and an exchange of personal words with he-him-himself (I love being an Australian) was a priceless experience! Disneyland?

Save your money ….

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  1. I am now the proud owner of said Dr Phil mug. it sits proudly in the kitchen cupboard in our LA home and is only offered for use to newly arrived foreign guests…such is the thrill 😉

  2. Select your guests wisely Jacquie – you know that both myself and Dr Phil would only want that mug used by special ones! Hot tea or coffee from within the blue cermanic ‘shrine’ – be prepared though for conversations that might surprise you it IS a ‘Dr Phil Mug’ after all!

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