Posted by: Megan | July 16, 2007

P…P…P…Patty’s Pasteries …


I walk to work. And you? Currently, my routine is fairly habitual – pleasant 30 minute walk from North Melbourne to Fitzroy, kicking off at approx 08.00. Have you ever wondered though – in your commute to work – about those you pass? Walking solo I feel that I am somewhat in an anonymous state of being amongst my fellow city dwellers. My imagination has it that I conjure up scenarios about who they all are, and where they all are going during the same hour as me! Uniforms and props though are often dead giveaways – unless that lady I pass each morning standing at the intersection of Park St and Royal Parade simply has a fetish for being lollipop lady?!?

After; a multitude of men in suits, several university students on bikes and random commuters waiting at the tram stops are passed in my stride that state of being unknown is finally acknowledged 20 minutes into the journey – by one of the young dusted bakers. And that – that is when I am not only acknowledged, I am ‘Patty’ for several minutes of each morning. Clearly, I’m not a dead giveaway? I am amused by the fact that he confidently refers to me as ‘Patty’ – I’m having to wonder if he perhaps has me confused as another woman who buys an escargot each morning? Oh god – could that be possible?

I am sure we all have our customary moments such as these. I like them – the most predictable part of a day that can go in any direction thereafter! Even when I am travelling and staying in the same place for a few days I tend to adopt the same café – or the like for a sense of community in a foreign destination. I then ask myself if the question was asked; ”Where did that girl go?”. I like it how my baker boy, while he gets my name wrong, never gets my order wrong. From within the display cabinet the escargot makes its way into a brown paper bag to my hands! A few words are then spoken with snippets of our lives revealed in the exchange of money. Will enough escargots ever be ordered for a true glimpse of who we are?

Would it be wrong to ask for a croissant and hand over my business card?

My journey to work. And yours?

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  1. I walk to work too, a nice 40 minute stroll from Brunswick to Fitzroy. The highlights of my journey are finding all the alleys and laneways on the way – a haven of peace and quiet in the bustling peak hours, they also offer a different perspective on the houses in the area.

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