Posted by: Megan | July 16, 2007

“Get Blogged in … China”!

“OK, so I am going to place the Chinese phrasebook on the Lazy Susan. Spin it three times clockwise. When it stops whoever has the Chinese phrasebook in front of them will order tonight’s dinner!”

Tour leading in China – it was just one of my tricks of the trade when I was leading there about 5 years ago. Oh … and a continual ‘game’ of charades in my pursuit to communicate – trying to convince my passengers that I was practising for the ‘world charades competition’ wasn’t always easy! Most though eventually saw through my very own charade to mask the truth of my inability to master the language. Mind you, a slap on the knee and a big wave for “nee hao” (hello) seemed to work just fine – as did bargaining single-handedly for the little white and fluffy dog “Foo Foo” on the Great Wall of China … Between you and me – a steal price for just 150yuan!

Well then, it seems that I am soon to delve back into my bag of (dusty) tricks! Last Friday was far from boring here at head office –without even mentioning 5pm drinks. It was exciting enough when the Darrell (the C.E.O) gave me this blogging role in the first place to exercise my writing skills – let alone anything else. So exciting in fact that I almost felt compelled to kiss him – to this very day he is still thankful that his great lumbering dog Pepper was in the way. And so now … Darrell has allowed me to exercise again my leading skills (honest -I did have some …) to lead a trip (North China Highlights) starting August 19th and blog about it! Now, I wonder why Darrell told me of this great news and soon after departed for Europe? …


Well equipped blogger heads into the wilds to blog about travel journeys.  Note survival gear – coffee machine, bulging backpack, lap top, tape recorder and all terrain velocipede (mobile phone not visible – has been implanted).

Image by Bill Hassett

Ah – those memories of China! The noise of a nation at an overall increased decibel level. The stuff locals eat – ‘stuff’ I had never thought to be considered food. The used white take-away containers floating down the Yangtze under the guise of swans. The sound of hoiking just waiting constant scores from 1-10 for noise/distance/efficiency! The chain smoking. The split pants … The …

Sometimes, I find it hard to work out which is more exciting – planning the big adventure or experiencing it! I tend to signal traits of hyperactivity from the beginning – if truth be known. I questioned the effect of Valium on Friday … as a useful sedative to ease the excitement of configuring everything from flights to visas!

August 16th is the date to fly out and leave Melbourne. Flights are locked in. Visa form awaiting to be filled out …Trying to act on advice; “One day at a time chick – take it easy” – thanks Jac!

In the meantime … excuse me while I take a lesson with The Travel Linguist.  I can’t determine otherwise how skilled my charade acting is otherwise!  Join me if you wish …

You Tube – The Travel Linguist – Mandarin 101

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