Posted by: Megan | July 13, 2007

If you could issue just one travel warning …

Travel Warnings. They are like bottled capsules of universal travel truths.  Prescribed by anyone from your ‘been-around-the-world- friend’ to your ‘been-around-the-streets- postman’! Efficiently and safely used then when travelling. Added to the list along with those other essential drugs such as; anti malaria tablets, Lomitol to treat the shits, and headache pills to ease another long-hot-cramped bus journey squashed amongst a crate of pigs on a road trip across China!

How many times though have those ‘prescribed’ travel warnings included the worn out ‘be safe’ one to the point where it’s simply ineffective? I mean really … would we want to be otherwise?

So I asked some friends if they could issue just one travel warning what would it be?

Jo Edgley:

“For a guy going to Thailand don’t kiss a girl with an Adam’s Apple!!!”

Lee Bethune:

“Before you travel – scan your passport, visa information and itineraries and email them to yourself. Then, if you lose them you can go to an internet café and print them off!”

Jen Carigiet:

“Don’t carry packages/luggage for a stranger!”

Kelvin Blake:

“Never pat a burning dog!”

Michael Chandler:

“I can’t travel without a deck of cards, whether drinking games, poker or solataire … a good way to pass time or get to know some people …”

Add your ‘prescribed’ travel warnings …

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  1. Never talk to strange men in trench coats!

  2. If you have to check your luggage in, you are carrying too much luggage! Travel light and smile 🙂

  3. Rent boogie boards in Bali, dont bring your own….

    And don’t try to make jokes with customs, it is never funny and never makes things easier quicker ….EVER!! You will never get them to smile either, they are like the guards at Buckingham Palace

  4. Don’t drink anything that smells like methylated spirits – no, not even if it’s the ‘local specialty’.

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