Posted by: Megan | July 12, 2007

CSI Costa Rica – mock episode!

When travel blog writer Ben Groundwater asks in his recent post- Things not to try before you die –  which places or experiences or even whole countries would you recommend other travellers avoid at all costs I felt it would only be fair to add to his ongoing list …

Here is my addition …

The soft sands, swaying palm trees, and the turquoise waters that make up Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica mask the notorious side of this seaside town behind its’ natural beauty! Theft is rife enough in Puerto Viejo to suggest that Taekwondo skills and an ultra high security device should be packed amongst the snorkelling kit and sunscreen in what could be described as a rip roaring at sea adventure for travellers adding Puerto Viejo to the Costa Rican itinerary!

But should you feel that the local Costa Rican Policia be set to star in a never to be seen episode of CSI Costa Rica then – think again! When trying to report my stolen wad of USD500 the look bestowed upon the face of the Policia was a feigned expression of interest! Clearly, I stood before a man who had seen one too many episodes of his very own CSI Costa Rica to even contemplate an episode about the curse of the tourist’s wallet! Given it took the Policia Station two days to source an official pad of forms before they could even begin to scribe yet another striking in blue ink report about an all too recurring scenario I couldn’t actually imagine their ability to source a single episode – let alone a whole series even if they wanted to!


Puerto Viejo

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