Posted by: Megan | July 10, 2007

The ONLY way to go!


‘Only Bikes’ … OK … so this picture was not taken in Vietnam … but I am sure that the majority of Vietnamese living within their cycle frenzied country would agree that … only bikes are … ‘the’ way to go! Intrepid Travel not only recognizes a cycle trip as one of the best means to  demonstrate how environmentally sound the company is but also as a fantastic opportunity to experience Vietnan – peddling along just like the locals do! After hotting up the bike seat in one of South East Asia’s most beguiling cities – Hanoi – the muscle enhancing journey continues on to the end city of Ho Chi Minh City! Just one word of warning though … prepare yourself for the hundreds of smiling and laughing locals ogling in sheer amazement as you take on their ways …


Interested? Read more!  Go on … get on yer bike …

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