Posted by: Megan | July 9, 2007

Lightly Loaded!


Airport dramas always involve elements of joy, tragedy, pathos by portraying families reunited and … lost luggage!


I have arrived but my luggage hasn’t.


Oil paintings in Africa were the souvenir of choice during one of my adventures. A lost luggage delay report scribed on a rich sunny yellow piece of paper became (without choice) the latest collector’s item of exquisite ‘local art’ on another adventure – at San Jose Airport – Costa Rica! Wooden frame to compliment the yellow or just stretched out on canvas? …

Around, and around, and around the luggage conveyor belt went, carrying luggage that surely had some prized Christmas presents inside – being that time of the year and all. Around, and around, and around the luggage conveyor belt went, carrying luggage that was anything other than mine! For the first time in all my travels, I stood there and watched that black belt go around so many times until it was not only empty, but had come to a complete halt. When movement of the belt had truly ceased and there was no one left standing in the area – not even a Barbie doll nor a Thomas from his tank engine (slipped from within luggage that had arrived) I knew I had to take some action …

Now then, I do not normally feel that crying is the appropriate ‘action’ to take in this situation, however, after a rather dis-jointed-tight-connections-flight from Los Angeles to San Jose (with LACSA Airlines) via several other countries en-route (possible reason for lost luggage?!?) with anything other than my ‘dream man’ seated next to me on the first leg, it hardly became a choice really … I just stood there at the lost luggage counter and shed some tears –  lost the plot over lost luggage! The poor little man did not know what had hit him really … Neither did I! I mean seriously, for heaven’s sake … swimming goggles with matching bikini were replaceable (even if in a modified Costa Rican style strictly for use outside of my home country) ….!

So after the paper work off I went in the taxi to the hotel in what can now be said for me as the lightest arrival into a foreign country ever! Rather ‘liberating’ really to just have a day pack equipped with camera and a spare muesli bar! What more could anyone need? On arrival at the hotel I was met by my friend Michele, who had arrived 24hrs earlier (with luggage), and on hearing my ‘news’ just laughed! Exactly … it was not the end of the earth! After a momentary pause between laughs, I turned to Michele and exclaimed in a new positive spin on travel; ‘Hey, we can have cocktails tonight!!!’ In almost sheer horror, she turned back and responded; ‘Hey, why do we have to wait until tonight?’ Clearly … there is a cure for everything in life!

In the end my luggage did arrive safely at a later point. Too many tight connections was the cause of such delay!  Some travellers though never see their luggage again … My first experience of ‘first degree separation’ was mild in comparison – vegemite ended up on the menu of many Costa Rican dishes after all!

Here is another story of lost luggage by a guy named Greg.  What happened to his cousin’s bag in London?  Went sightseeing alone on two wheels?

Lost Luggage article by Greg.

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  1. OMG…since you had arrived on a red eye flight, morning cocktails only seemed appropriate! AND… I had repeatedly urged you to take only carry-on luggage (does this rate an “I told you so!”?) We could have easily gotten by on one person’s “essentials”…no worries, mate! It’s Costa Rica, babeee

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