Posted by: Megan | July 6, 2007

Living it large in the Big Mango

Thursdays and every second Saturday are the only days of the week I would consider unearthing my iniquitous side to silently tear out the Danny Katz articles from the AGE (Melbourne based newspaper) at work for my own insatiable pleasure later over a cafe latte! Let’s face it … you never know the consequence of what my raucous laugh in public may result in so it’s best that I stay at home with Danny … 

 While Mr Katz is not primarily a travel writer, his article about travelling in Bangkok recently not only best exemplifies the hilarity of travel but too … the reason why I pilfer his articles!

Article – Living it large in the Big Mango

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  1. “Thursdays and every second Saturdays”? Dear me, that’s not at all the type of grammar of which I’d approve. Every second Saturday dear, every second Saturday. And it seems you’ve consumed one too many of your caffe lattes… look at all that exclaiming!!!

  2. Danny? Danny Katz? Is that you? Please find grammatical error amended … Friday at work started with a coffee crisis … distinct lack of … so I don’t think that such a mistake was a result of too many lattes that day!

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