Posted by: Megan | July 6, 2007

Brushed off glitter and shattered jewells in line at security!


With increasing airport security these days the glitter of travelling tends to brush off on arrival at the departure gate … as do half your clothes and possessions – really! In fact, it is a wonder why more and more people aren’t starting to take on a whole new approach to air travel and start travelling empty handed, let alone dressed … considering most things either have to come off or be destroyed anyhow in the lead up to the x-ray machines! The ‘adventure traveller’ could become just that! Waiting in the long security lines preceding screening by the woman with a distinct CSI Miami grin (sniffer dog at side poised for action), wearing latex gloves like she was prepared to dissect a human being for medical research, and her magnetic wand about to scan the body in a possible bid to turn all weapons into plastic is … reason in itself to think twice about heading off to that exotic destination! Reason really, for the first time to give serious thought to the possibility of overlanding between Melbourne and Marrakesh! Waiting for; the unprepared traveller to remove a weeks wages in coins out of business pants, lap-top computers to be slowly taken out from briefcases, knotted trainers from snotty junior travellers unravelled, high heels removed from being caught in the edge of the x-ray conveyor belt and oversized Gucci bags (simply should not be a travel accessory) denied entry allow for some pretty serious thoughts (other than the need for coffee) that swim in a fast freestyle manner through the mind. Thoughts, that these ‘delays’ in my opinion allow enough time to calculate the manufacturing of a home made bomb! And, there is concern about the cutlery when on board? And, we are no longer able to hydrate out of our 600ml plastic bottle of water! Clearly there should be no question when the abundance of coffee outlets are on the rise on the ‘other side’ (should one be lucky enough to clear security) and the cost of a coffee rise up to anything as high as $10 – worth the wait, in my opinion!

An article written by Rob Woodburn from The AGE is an interesting read about our drastic new security measures:

Liquid Lunacy

Thankfully, there are still a few places left in the world that are yet to take on the rigorous procedures that make the jewel of travel simply shatter into pieces. Depending on where you are coming from, it might be a hassle to get there, yet waving goodbye from a tin shed laden on the granitic island of Sainte Marie (Madagascar) where the x-ray machine is broken and the security guards are either asleep or out having a smoke on the tarmac …  I remember brought that glitter of travel back again!

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