Posted by: Megan | July 5, 2007

Vous Voukez see a Lemur!

lemur.jpg A Lemur!

‘You’ll get to see a Lemur!’, was the response when I announced to my friends of my Madagascar bound adventure. ‘A what?’ … was my response! Yes, clearly the cute local inhabitants were not the catalyst for my visit, but … they were something special once I finally did get to see them! I actually added such a destination to my Africa adventure because I wanted to visit a place that I imagined would be truly ‘out-there’ and a long way off the regular tourist trail. Madagascar ended up as the epitome place to travel in exactly the way I favoured!

Contrary to what I had in mind, Madagascar was a pleasant surprise to learn that beyond what I had imagined just to be a tropical island was a land of extraordinary diversity. Far more than just a small lush stretch of paradise, there were also miles of barren landscape boasting large and rather unusual rocky outcrops, baobab trees, flora not unlike Australia, those cute little Lemurs nestled amongst it all and wonderfully colourful characters who certainly know how to make a fashion statement!

Each day travelling around Madagascar was like placing my hand into a bag of Liquorice Allsorts –  ending up with a mixed variety of experiences from the scenery to the people. I loved it! Being somewhat on the energetic side, I particularly loved the opportunities to wander or hike up one of those rocky outcrops. The selection of beautifully made handicrafts was a drawcard for shoppers – to which I became one of, and trying the seafood delicacies and the unusual local specialities made for a good break between exploring … ‘Zebu steak, anyone?’ … Thanks to the French heritage I was never far from a good coffee and a delicious pastry, which is a peculiar luxury, I have to admit when travelling somewhere so remote! Yet, I was not complaining at the tale end of my African adventures – ‘Merci Baku’!

hiking.jpg Hiking in Madagascar!

scenery.jpg Amazing scenery!

fashion.jpg Fantastic fashion!

streetscene.jpg Great local towns wandered through!

antananaviro.jpg Capital of Madagascar – Antananaviro

baobab.jpg Baobab trees.

locals.jpg Meeting the locals!

Want to see a Lemur?  Read on …

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