Posted by: Megan | July 2, 2007

Aussie Gal Dating Danny(s) …

In a bid to meet (and ‘understand‘) the quintessential American man whilst spending some time travelling in Los Angeles last year, I found a web site to acquaint me with some of the locals for a drink. Mate1 was the site. Aussie Gal the name. My draw card words were pitched along the lines of ‘My friends at home keep asking me if I have met an American man here yet. Unfortunately, to date … I tell them ‘no’. Looking not to disappoint them …’

Responses ranged from …

‘Well, I am a true blue American and love the chance I had to spend in Australia so let’s chat’


‘… look at you, Australian adventure girl … wow! … sounds interesting … are you the Julie McCoy of the outback? Planning and spearheading long and hot treks across a continent … leading unsuspecting tourists into areas that allow dingo boxing and croc tossing … delish …’


‘well since i gotten nice or talked to some nice girls in aus first of all i would like to say welcome 2 cali, def would like to hear about australia/hang out and well i’m not in venice probaly about an hour south, so hows ur trip and if u dont mind who r u here with or know some1 here, about canada i plan on going to vancouver n april possibly feb, wheres about r u going, i def hope to make it 2 aus too, on 1 of my vacations like i said i’ve talked to some nice girls there just out of the blu seem real cool there,,, ‘

to …

 … deciding on meeting Danny 1 and … Danny 2!

Part Mr. Commercial Extra part Swimsuit Model come Movie Prop MakerDanny 1 – from Redondo Beach. Could he have been any more the perfect embodiment of a man from LA? Tall, dark, handsome brooding looks with that tiny sparkle diamond in his ear to match the glitter of all his archrivals in search of fame. A margarita started the evening followed by a fine Japanese dinner, and then very civilized he drove me back to where I was staying … all the lights on his car dashboard from the stereo to the GPS were enough to compensate for not making it to Vegas that trip!

That then left Danny 2 to be met. Before I explain about him … an error of modern-day communication happened. When Danny 1 dropped me back to where I was staying, I decided to email him and thank him for the evening. Problem was … I emailed the wrong Danny … Danny 2 who I was yet to meet – oops! The next morning, still thinking I had emailed a thanks to Danny 1, I called Danny 2 to line up my date with him – Sunday night at the swank Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica. Interestingly enough, when I spoke to Danny 2 he did not mention that he had received a thank you email for an evening he was yet to participate in! So then … I sent Danny 2 an email in an attempt to ‘explain’ why he received what surely must have seemed an odd email …

‘Can I blame it on being an Aussie? A natural blonde? The stress of the 405? The wrong side of the road? The fact that I can not seem to get a decent latte anymore? That of all the responses I have narrowed down and confined my choices to meeting two men with the same name? Um … the fear of being ‘super sized’?’

Part Previous Actor part Once Renowned Hockey Player part Script Writer come Advertising Executive … Danny 2 – from the Valley. I could have possibly come up with some other ‘titles’ but … Possibly, the classic line throughout the whole evening was when he told me of his outing to see the movie Déjà vu starring Denzel Washington. He told me of him sitting in the cinema, watching the film, and thus crying out to himself … ‘OH MAN, they stole MY script!’ …

Seriously ‘quintessential’ dates indeed … Perhaps … I should look into advertising myself as I ended up doing well with my quest!


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  1. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

    • Thanks Sandra… Unfortunately I have not had the time for a long time to update it… It was fun to work on at the time thanks to my company for giving me the opportunity!!!! Happy reading – Megan 😉

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