Posted by: Megan | July 2, 2007

12 Questions meets Elly Mitchell

She dreams of grabbing one of the best jobs in the world as a travel reporter!  She doesn’t seem to like spending time in the kitchen so … it wouldn’t be a bad job … She is about to leave one great city for another … She is … Elly Mitchell …


1: My name is: Elly Mitchell.

2: I am currently living in: Melbourne … but move over to London on Tuesday – woo hoo!

3: I am: making the most out of life!

4: My happiest moment was: … hmmm … too hard – my life has been filled with happy moments …

5: Friends say I am: a good friend!

6: If only I could: take my dog to the UK with me …

7: I wish I had: summer all year round.

8: At home I cook: as little as possible.

9: My favourite place is: Spain.

10: If I wasn’t me I’d like to be: Catriona Rowntree and just travel for a living.

11: I start each day: with a smile on my face … most of the time …

12: The last big laugh I had was: reading that someone wanted to rollerblade across Vietnam … I am still chuckling!

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