Posted by: Megan | June 29, 2007


In reality, true blondes make up one half of Sweden’s 9 million population … When Esbjorn decided to fly his sun-kissed looks to a sun-kissed country was it because he felt too much like just another one in the crowd of his own home town?  Find out … 




Native homeland Sweden.

If you were to place a pin on the world map you would now find meright in the midst of Melbourne city.

I decided to head here becauseI wanted to see Kakadu, the national park in Northern Australia.  Instead, I ended up in a grey suburb of Melbourne for 2 months until I saved up enough dosh to head off on the backpacker trail.

I’ve been away to date for …  from Sweden 9 years now (yep, I stole one of the local women).

My current surroundings can be described asblonde!

The Big Brown Couch in my life isthe one at home where my kids spill food, use as a trampoline and we all watch the Simpsons on!

My life away from home sees me working in the Intrepid Retail store in Melbourne.

When I am not working I’mplaying with my kids and run a graphic design business … sometimes I still get to travel.

Missed about home issnow, long summer nights, midsummer’s celebrations with fellow drunken Swedes … oh … and 5 weeks annual leave!

Loved about my new environment isfriendly Australians, amazing nature and not having to wait in line during business hours to buy alcohol!

I am known to the locals asa smart ***ed Swede with an unpronounceable name, usually shortened to Esby.

Favourite local hideouts includeACMI at Fed Square and the extremely cool cigar bar in Yarraville.

Choice cuisine when I am eating locally sushi.

Differences between here and home range from not dressing up to go out to a restaurant (Australians are very relaxed about such things), Friday afternoon drinks at work, being very far away from other countries and driving on the wrong side of the road!

I’d tell my friends & family to pack up their bags and come on over to experienceone of the coolest cities in the world, Melbourne … Wineries, beaches, weird animals like Wombats and world class events for a fracton of the price you would pay in Europe.

Next stop isBorneo or Japan … grow up kids …

If I could tell The Big Brown Couch just one final thing it would beI can’t believe that you get paid to look after this blog you bludger!

Pop into the Intrepid Melbourne Retail Store and say ‘G’day’ to ‘Esby’ …

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  1. Ha!! My son…you went to Kakadu with me, what a experience!!

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