Posted by: Megan | June 28, 2007

Shrek and ice-creams AND … Rainbow Lorikeets!

It’s been quite a while since I have had the pleasure of hanging out with kids – other than those adult sized ones I call my friends! In order to find out what kids are up to these days with their travels, I was happy to eat my muffin off a plastic plate with cartoon characters, and forfeit a shorter than usual adult conversation to meet brother and sister Daniel (5) and Emily (3) Beadle! We chatted about Shrek. Pink? Red? I was told his colour be green! We chatted about the flavour of ice creams. Chocolate a sure favourite! Rainbow as well! And then … we finally got down to some ‘serious‘ business and chatted about travel – with an unexpected interruption from Casper the cat as he clawed his way into the conversation! The rainbow lorikeet, oh and the rainbow lorikeet, not to mention … the rainbow lorikeet was a favourite part of Daniel and Emily’s recent holiday to Noosa, but what else went on …


Daniel and Emily feeding the Rainbow Lorikeets in Noosa.

Megan: ‘What is a holiday?’
Dan: ‘When you go somewhere.’
Emily: ‘Yes (she knows what one is!) … a weekend.’

Megan: ‘Where did you last go on holiday?’
Dan: ‘Noosa.’
Emily: ‘Noosa.’

Megan: ‘Where is that (re: Noosa)?’
Dan: ‘I don’t know.’
Emily: ‘A long way.’

Megan: ‘Who went with you on your holiday?’
Dan: ‘Gran and Gramps, Mummy and Daddy, and Emily.’
Emily: ‘Mummy and Daddy and Gran and Gramps.’

Megan: ‘How did you get there?’
Dan: ‘aeroplane.’
Emily: ‘aeroplane.’

Megan: ‘What did you eat when you were on holiday?’
Dan: ‘I can’t remember.’
Emily: ‘Feed the rainbow lorikeet bread!’

Megan: ‘Who did you meet?’
Dan: ‘Anna and Jason (good family friends).’
Emily: ‘Anna and Jason.’

Megan: ‘What did you like about your holiday?’
Dan: ‘Seeing the rainbow lorikeet.’
Emily: ‘I like the rainbow lorikeets, the swimming pool.’

Megan: ‘Where is your favourite place?’
Dan: ‘Broome because we get to see our cousins.’
Emily: ‘Noosa.’

Megan: ‘Where is your next holiday to?’
Dan: ‘Vietnam.’
Emily: ‘Luna Park.’

Megan: ‘Where is that (about where their next holiday is to)?’
Dan: ‘I don’t know.’
Emily: (no response)

Megan: ‘What do you think it will be like (about where their next holiday is to)?’
Dan: ‘Good. Different people and food. Something will be the same though!’
Emily: ‘Friend Coco has been to Luna Park. She has a toy big bird off Sesame Street!’


Emily practised her yoga skills when holidaying in Noosa!


It’s lunch time for the two hungry holidaying kids … in the kitchen of their holiday house!


Learning at a young age that holidays are NOT hard to take!!!

And then … it was back to the not so serious side … costumes were to be tried on … their playroom was to be seen … jumping on the trampoline to be witnessed …

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