Posted by: Megan | June 28, 2007

HOT on The Big Brown Couch …

… is Karl!


“It’s not often you enter a retail travel store to find a Big Brown
Couch at your disposal to sink into and relax.  So, when I took over managing the Intrepid Retail Store in London, I decided some fine Italian leather that would not only look the part but make for a great place to sit down and talk travel to all those wanna be Intrepid travellers ….. they were so comfy I bought two!

So what does The Big Brown Couch mean to me?  As you can see, it’s a place where I can sit and ponder my next travel destination after I’ve spent a day travelling the globe with people in the store, it’s place where I make peoples travel dreams come alive, it’s a place where I negotiate with suppliers, it’s a place to talk shop with my team, and of course it’s a great place to sit down with a coffee in the morning and contemplate the day ahead.

There have been a few Big Brown Couches in my life but right now this one is the most familiar…. maybe I should go in search of another Big Brown Couch and see what planting my butt on unfamiliar leather will bring, but for now, feel free to join me on my Big Brown Couch and keep your travel dream alive!”

 Written by Karl Thurlow.

Take a seat on the hot spot yourself when in London!

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