Posted by: Megan | June 27, 2007

The Way of Che …

santaclara.jpg Santa Clara (Cuba)


The intense heat and humidity that 2005 July afternoon in Santa Clara, Cuba I remember was good enough reason to believe that the town monument of Che Guevara gave me the glinted eye of approval I desperately needed to sit down and relax with the locals over several of Cuba’s most refreshing and well renowned (rum based) drinks – The Mojito! The cool haven of relief was a local bar located in the town centre of Santa Clara. Such bar in fact was one that allured a very mixed clientele off the hot pavements of the narrow streets that lined the Colonial style architecture. Those sharing floor space of Santa Clara’s number one bar ranged from free swinging salsa dancing locals both young and old (believed to have learnt how to salsa in the womb), locals who over time had quite possibly come to have permanent ‘affects’ due to one too many Mojitos to … myself and my equally weary from the heat travel companions!


statue.jpg Statue of Che Guevara


Of all my travels, I’m not entirely sure I have met so many local characters in such a confined space. My tour leader was a colourful enough character himself, let alone meeting ‘The Cool Yellow Canary’, ‘Pedro The Mute’, ‘The Transvestite’, ‘The Peanut Seller’ and ‘The 70 Year Old Swinger Rena’! Would Che Guevara, be him alive today, try and revolutionize these locals? One would hope not for they provided the rawest kind of entertainment to a community – yet to be adversely affected by commercialism. After hours of drinking $2 Mojitos and listening to Buena Vista quality music, ‘Pedro The Mute’ had high hopes of marrying me with a new life in Melbourne (his charade actions of a long distant flight were quite daunting after a while …) , ‘The Peanut Seller’ was up a few Cuban Convertibles as … like any good alcoholic drink peanuts go well with (he was a clever man …), ‘The Transvestite’ showed me new makeup techniques (even though I usually don’t wear any), and … Campbell almost lost his life as ‘The Transvestite’s’ ‘loved one’ (what happens really when he tries to marry me off to Pedro …).


pedro.jpgMegan & Pedro!

peanut-seller.jpgThe Peanut Seller!

cam.jpgThe Transvestite & Cam!

hot.jpgA new look?

brian.jpg My tour leader & Rena!

yellow1.jpgCool in yellow

singer.jpgThe Singer!


Hurricane Dennis that year came extremely close to denying me with this priceless mingling with the local’s experience as it shut down airports and closed roads.  I am thankful it didn’t …

 Taste more than a Mojito from a trip to Cuba!


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