Posted by: Megan | June 27, 2007

The Price of Jet Lag …

Confidently, I handed over a mere 5 cents in exchange for an Escargot pastry at a bakery last year. With the fresh baked good in a scrunched at the top to seal in the freshness within an environmentally friendly paper bag, I walked out of the store. My thoughts of soon devouring my purchase were interrupted at just one foot out of the bakery, when I was asked for the remaining $2.45. I was surprised and gave the shop assistant a glazed over look to match the coating on my Escargot … or moreover … the Sticky Cinnamon Scroll that I almost bought instead from the display cabinet.  It was a hard decision! In rummaging throughout my wallet, I found amongst the Tanzanian Shillings the remaining balance in Australian Dollars! Clearly, my attempt at a cheap snack was a result of being jet lagged after arriving back from Africa. Yes, my vague and disoriented state due to crossing those invisible time zones, being stuffed up in an economy flight for over 30 hours, saying ‘yes’ too many times to in-flight red wine over saying ‘yes’ to a more suitable water re-fill, and finally ending up dizzy from winding the clocks back to the appropriate time upon arrival home … was at least a plausible reason to my not so usual actions, and possibly explained why on the same day as the Escargot incident I went to place my bike in the bathroom after a ride …

Jet lag … a condition easily defined by fatigue, insomnia, and irritability that is commonly caused by air travel through changing time zones. Whether it is an ‘excuse’ to stay up all night and watch a game of The Lakers as I know one friend did after returning to LA from Australia, or attempting to purchase the entire fresh morning display of bakery goods at a ‘steal’ price,  jet lag is real and the consequences of feeling jet lagged can range from interesting to hilarious!

The Big Brown Couch would love to hear about your experiences as a result of being jet lagged ….

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