Posted by: Megan | June 26, 2007

‘Café Crema Por Favor!’

He exudes nothing less than style.  He stands noticed within the muddle of narrow, twisting streets of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter.  He sips the finest cafe crema known to the locals.  He is in his travels elsewhere remains a constant tease to Hollywood as a budding young star the glamour world wants to know.  He is Bruce and when he is not home taking to the surf and sun of his Sydney life he is …




Native homeland Australia.

If you were to place a pin on the world map you would now find meBarcelona.

I decided to head here becausedestiny brought me here.

I’ve been away to date for1 month from Hong Kong and 8 years from Australia.

My current surroundings can be described as13th century Gothic Quarters where Christopher Columbus forebears may have lived without tomatoes, avacadoes, tango music or tabacco … (can you imagine?) …

The Big Brown Couch in my life ismeditation.  Since coming to Barcelona I have become addicted to meditating.

My life away from home sees me working on making the most of this short, sweet and exciting life!

When I am not working I’mwriting a children’s travel adventure series that is set to be the next Narnia meets Ants meets Lords of the Rings.

Missed about home ismy family, my cooperatively owned dog, my garden and a place to put all the junk that I buy.

Loved about my new environment isTapas, siestas, late hours, urban art and street theatre performances here in Barcelona, and back in Hong Kong and China where I actually live for most of the year, great friends, seafood on the street, and the mystery of Chinese characters.

I am known to the locals as(in China) an enigma, the tall foreigner, a longnose foreign devil, Bu lu si, and Aodaliya de Pengyou, someone a little strange to have chosen China/HK as a home when so many aspire to living in the West, or where the air is clean.

Favourite local hideouts includeLa rambla de Raval in Barcelona and in Hong Kong, the tea house in Hong Kong Park.

Choice cuisine when I am eating locally salt and pepper squid in Hong Kong, menu del Dia in Spain with squid, a carafe of wine and a creme caramel or Crema Catalana ice cream.

Differences between here and home range from right here in Barcelona it is the hours of living and the zest for life which buzzes on the streets at all hours bar early morning and siesta.

I’d tell my friends & family to pack up their bags and come on over to experience living for the sake of living.

Next stop isHelsinki en route to Hong Kong where I am looking to have one big night out in the town where the sun doesn’t set in the summer.

If I could tell The Big Brown Couch just one final thing it would belive for the moment and the moment is now!

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