Posted by: Megan | June 25, 2007

White meets Color in her new environment …

It takes a certain ‘kind’ to try and assimilate into the lifestyle of Venice Beach – described as being unlike any place on Earth!  Amongst the singers, mimes, comics, magicians, prophets, fortune tellers, and other assorted entertainers along the sandy three-mile beach is … Trish White – a very well travelled Australian who knows too well that it’s never just ‘another day at the beach’ in her new backyard!


NameTrish White.


Native homeland Australia.

If you were to place a pin on the world map you would now find meLos Angeles.

I decided to head here becausegreat work opportunity.

I’ve been away to date for 5 years.

My current surroundings can be described asvery sunny and relaxing.

The Big Brown Couch in my life isthe deck at my house in Venice Beach.

My life away from home sees me working in travel, representing Voyages Hotels and Resorts.

When I am not working I’mat the beach or possibly having a drink with some new or old friends.

Missed about home isfood and the happy friendly people.

Loved about my new environment issunshine and new friends.

I am known to the locals ascrazy!

Favourite local hideouts includeWaterfront and Noahs Bagels.

Choice cuisine when I am eating locally bagels.

Differences between here and home range from (no answer supplied)

I’d tell my friends & family to pack up their bags and come on over to experience the traffic!

Next stop isHoland or maybe Mexico first.

If I could tell The Big Brown Couch just one final thing it would benever stop travelling, it reminds you constantly how lucky we are to have this luxury in our generation to move around so freely!

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  1. Food and drink! Bagels! Trish your killing me. What about the the Mexican bar with the magaritas. I am sure my credit card gets a working over every time I visit! 🙂

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