Posted by: Megan | June 21, 2007

The Wedding Singer!


Guest of a Japanese wedding years back I would have thought that after sacrilegiously barbequing the sashimi over the flame of another dish I’d have been banned from attending future foreign weddings … Apparently not for several years on, travelling throughout Borneo as a tour leader I had the fortune of not only being a guest at a Muslim wedding but too … their ‘Wedding Singer’. Ushered to the stage by the headman of the local village, I found a microphone in my hand for a bout of karaoke! Luckily though, time in Japan warmed me up for this exciting (and impromptu) event. The only problem was, unlike singing karaoke in Japan with thousands of song lists in books big enough to kill you should they fall on you, my choices were … limited …

Unchained Melody” …
Unchained Melody” …
Unchained Melody” …

I chose …

 … “Unchained Melody” …

Gaping mouth … disbelief … young Muslim women in the crowd released their head dress and cried: ‘I forsaken God … I want to be just like Megan Hassett‘ …

And so, it was, well … one of those nights to certainly remember … that night in the Muslim community nestled along the banks of the Kinabatangan River when Intrepid was invited to the wedding of our year …

Dressed up to attend the wedding:


The wedding party:


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