Posted by: Megan | June 20, 2007

12 Questions meets Judi Austin.

While popular radio personality Judi Austin wakes up her day with a coffee in bed in her hometown of Gold Hill, Oregon (USA) her listeners are waking up to her on KRWQ 100.3FM! When the B.B.C asked Judi to answer the same 12 questions as her worldly counterparts here is what she had to say …


1: My name is: Judi Austin.

2: I am currently living in: Oregon, USA.

3: I am: … do I REALLY have to say?!?

4: My happiest moment was: birthing my children.

5: Friends say I am: a goofball with waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much energy!

6: If only I could: fly outside of my dreams!

7: I wish I had: more time off to travel the world.

8: At home I cook: stirfry and love to eat toast with avacado.

9: My favourite place is: hiking in the mountains and traveling backroads because … each time I end up someplace new.

10: If I wasn’t me I’d like to be: hmmm …, I’m happy being me!

11: I start each day: with a cup of coffee in bed, watching the morning news.

12: The last big laugh I had was: from an email explaining the difference between a man and woman and their shower habits!

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