Posted by: Megan | June 18, 2007

Sumoqueen meets Slinkyminx29!

Shinto is the native religion in Japan with its roots stretching back to 500 B.C, and one that regards with respect almost any natural objects ranging from mountains, rivers, water, rocks, trees, to dead notables. In other words, it is based on animism.  Is though the religion at stake when one Australian meets one Shinto Priestess? …

During my teaching English days in Kofu (Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan) Chisa Watanabe, Shinto Priestess was my kind of local worth knowing! Shinto Priestess by day. Rock singer by night! The sanctity of her white robes by day. The menagerie of her colourful attire by night. Her two personas could almost be said to be as vast as the stark contrast of past and present Japan.

With Shinto religion focusing on ritual purity and cleanliness, what spurred on the young Priestess to ask me ways in which to use the term ‘fuck‘ in everyday speech? The consumption of sake in the local Izakaya (pub)? The inner rebellious nature that many young Japanese have these days? The yen for the western way? Whatever the answer, it was pretty funny all the same. But who needed cleansing in the end? Myself, or Chisa when a night on the sake corrupted her meishi (business card which for Japanese retains meaning and importance designed to impress) and future correspondence between us!

Excerpt from one of Chisa’s emails to me:

To: sumoqueen

From: slinkyminx29

‘How the fuck are you?  I talked to your Aunty J on Hotmail!  I thought you were there, wrote “How the fuck are you?”  I spoke rudely …’

Chisa’s meishi card to me:


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  1. So interesting! Google brings up so much. I dated Chisa way back when, and I don’t think she swore THAT much… I was her English teacher in 1994.


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