Posted by: Megan | June 18, 2007

Game on: ‘Pin the index finger on the world map’..

Reflections‘, provided not ones of me under a fluorescent light, are moments I like to have from time to time. Take reflecting back on childhood memories, for example. The games we once played … OH … the games! Have you ever had though these kinds of memory flashbacks? If so, to the point where you want to re-live and re-vamp that game of say ‘pin the tale on the donkey‘ played in the 2nd grade? In honesty, I guess I have! A few years ago in fact – back in 2002. While I didn’t have quite the entourage of screaming 8 year olds, I did have my friend Mandy for the edited and altered version of my all time favourite childhood game. And so here is how ‘pin the index finger on the world map’ was played …

hisland.jpg  swim.jpg

The party scene: Shoe String Travel Hong Kong.
The participants: Megan and Mandy.
The props: A standard map of the world, a travel agent, and a visa card.
The aim: To give new meaning to ‘surprise’ holiday!

Just in that old fashioned style, like approaching the cute poster of the donkey, we approached the world map that stuck to the wall domineering over any other travel advertisement in Shoe String Travel. I shut my eyes. I placed my index finger out, tucking the others away. I was spun around, and around, and around by Mandy who steered me towards the world map. I gradually slowed down, slower, slower and slower until eventually my index finger would land on, and reveal where Mandy and I would be spending the next week! ‘Nia Hao’‘Hello’ … Hainan Island – the ‘Hawaii of the Orient’!

Prepared to go anywhere my finger blindly touched, we were relieved to find out that ‘luck’ blessed that shaky, to begin with, finger on paradise. Yes, that is right; we could have spent our time off holidaying in Yerxerys. Yerxerys? Exactly … where the #$%^& is that? Initially, we had our doubts about Hainan, like we would have had about Yerxerys for it was about as unknown as Yerxerys will ever be!

A blissful desolate Robinson Cruiso like island, yet to be greatly cursed by commercialism, seemingly Hainan wasn’t very well know at the time. Either that or we landed during the quiet season. As intrepid natured travellers we took to the idyllic little island like a patch of the world never discovered before, wandering aimlessly as far as the eye could see, meeting local fisherman on the way, and in the process of breaking down cultural barriers, trying hard for some fresh local delicacies for dinner! Time was also spent lounging on the banana bed, swimming laps (and laps), plotting our way to greatness and fame and … stuffing doggy bags full of breakfast buffet foods for lunches and dinners …

The games we now play … OH … the games!

Mandy and I arriving at Hainan Island:


Breakfast … um … lunch AND dinner?:


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