Posted by: Megan | June 18, 2007

12 Questions meets Josphat Leykoomet.

Set in a rugged landscape with a backdrop of jagged mountains is Samburu Lodge (Kenya), home to cheeky young Masai Josphat Leykoomet. When the B.B.C asked Josphat to answer the same 12 questions as his worldly counterparts, perhaps in all his excitement of frightening away the monkeys … a few went astray …


1: My name is: Josphat Leykoomet.

2: I am currently living in: Samburu Lodge, Samburu National Park, Kenya.  I have worked at the Lodge for two years, but my village is called Marilal which is 200km away.  I only go there once a month.

3: I am: 17 years old and I belong to the Samburu tribe.

4: My happiest moment was:

5: Friends say I am:

6: If only I could:

7: I wish I had:

8: At home I cook: meat but my favourite is drinking my cow’s blood!

9: My favourite place is: my village because my family’s 45 cows are there.  I love my cows!

10: If I wasn’t me I’d like to be: a cow.

11: I start each day: looking for monkeys!  My job is to scare them away from food with my slingshot.  I am a very good shot and I never to hit them.  They are just too cheeky!  I like my job because I can meet a lot of nice people I would not meet in my village – like you (refers to Sue who set up the Q&A).

12: The last big laugh I had was:

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