Posted by: Megan | June 14, 2007

The Blonde Aussie California Gal …

In one word … she is funny! She’s a comedy festival within her very own self and so it’s not surprising that she has taken to LA like her native backyard.  A spillage of colour, from cruising the beach on her pastel pink cruiser to speaking French during her visits in Canada she’s non other than Dyan.  Here is what she has to say about her home away from home …




Native homelandYarra Valley, Victoria-Australia.

If you were to place a pin on the world map you would now find meVenice Beach, California.

I decided to head here becausework gave me a great opportunity… and to see if LA was all it was said to be.

I’ve been away to date fornearly 5 years.

My current surroundings can be described as …  swaying palm trees, small waves, grande “wet” cappuccino in hand and a few surfer dudes to check out.

The Big Brown Couch in my life islaying on the beach with a fellow Aussie talking about what we are going to be when we grow up.

My life away from home sees me workingas a sales account manager travelling over this vast land and up to our friends in Canada.

When I am not working I’mbody boarding. Riding my beach cruiser. Having a margarita at my favourite local bar.

Missed about home isaged cheddar cheese. The local bakery. The smile on my nieces face, family and friends.

Loved about my new environment isthe weather! They don’t call it Sunny California for nothing!

I am known to the locals asthe one who organizes fun things to do as a group – kayaking, parties, nights out …

Favourite local hideouts includeThe Other Room – local wine bar. Hinanos – dive bar full of local Venice people- pitcher of beer and hamburger… that is sweet!

Choice cuisine when I am eating locally … sushi.

Differences between here and home range from … how you say things to religion. LA can be challenging and exciting at the same time!

I’d tell my friends & family to pack up their bags and come on over to experience … the National Parks. The US has some amazing National Parks if only people can get past Disneyland and Florida!

Next stop isColorado??

If I could tell The Big Brown Couch just one final thing it would belive well. Love much. Laugh often!

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